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silverwinds012002.jpgFrom the very beginning, God has used the contemporary, real-life style of music to touch hearts and change lives for His greater glory, and we have been blessed by it. 


cdlabel.jpgThis CD of 13 original songs was produced entirely through donations of time and money, at no cost to the church. The entire project is  the result of a desire to return some of what God has given, and help out the church at the same time.

The songs, along  with some sample clips are:
Note: Click on song title to hear a sample
(please be patient, as the files are 700-800K in size).

  1. You Are There
  2. Eye Of The Hurricane
  3. Love
  4. *Follow You
  5. Doin' It Right This Time
  6. *We'll Sing Your Praises
  7. It's Time
  8. I Am Here
  9. Meaning Of Life
  10. Brand New Day
  11. *Savior
  12. *In  Your Arms
  13. Send Me
 * A full-length, lo-fi version of these songs can be heard at the
ShareSong or Free Praise And Worship websites

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